Our promise to you

At De Vere Care we hold a strong philosophy that family values are key. We strive to deliver the highest quality of care to all our residents, by getting to know them, spending valuable time with them and making each day special. Our team are well-trained and highly qualified to ensure the best care is given, matched with high levels of enthusiasm for their roles. We believe every single one of our residents should receive the best and most personal care possible, that is why we make sure our facilities are secure, well-resourced and over all luxurious. We believe in promoting independence wherever possible with our residents, providing them with comfort.

Our care homes

Chantry House,
Lehmann House,
Wickham Market
Oakwood House,
Quenby Residential,

Meet the Team

Sunny Sandhu


T: 020 8588 7088

Jetinder Dhillon

Governance & Compliance Officer

T: 020 8588 7088

Raj Sandhu

Business Support Officer

T: 020 8588 7088
E: enquiries@deverecare.com

Ana Ionescu

Finance Officer

T: 020 8588 7088
E: enquiries@deverecare.com


Lehmann House is light, bright and extremely homely.
Mum came for respite but is now a resident. The environment is stimulating and encourages residents to participate as much or as little as they want.
The staff are extremely kind and well motivated to create a happy environment. Home cooked meals fresh from scratch are excellent. Overall I am extremely happy with everything that Lehmann House has to offer.
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I always receive a welcome every time I visit my wife. This homely residence is where my wife has spent the last 13 months. It is reassuring for me to know she is well looked after. The manager and staff offer their full attention at all times.
A typical day when I visit – A welcome by one of the staff and I enquire about my wife and her whereabouts. She might be having her hair washed and blow dried or she may be joining in with an activity. Lunch is served around 12.30, after which there is a period of rest before further activities, and then afternoon tea is served. I then say goodbye for now. God bless everyone.

History of De Vere Care

De Vere Care has been in operation as a Care Home since 1995. We have qualified senior team, who are passionate about providing care for all the residents within our Homes, with compassion and dignity. In 1999, as part of our expansion, we acquired Quenby Rest Home in Tendering, Colchester. This has given us the opportunity to provide even more care to those who need it. 

De Vere Care in 1999 also opened a Domiciliary Care operation, due to a close relative being given care by another provider that was so shocking it forced us to do something about it and open a company that followed our values of dignity and independence.

In 2014, De Vere Care purchased two more Homes from Anchor, in Suffolk. Today, we look after many ederly people and those who are in need of extra care and support. We strive to make sure everyone’s experience with us is the best and encourage personal independence for our residents.

Family Values

We make a personal commitment to the people placed in our care based on our own family values

Premium Care

We strive to deliver independence and dignity to all of our residents

Beautiful Surroundings

We believe that each resident should receive the best care possible in a well-resourced, supportive and secure environment

De Vere Care Ltd is a London-based, privately owned company that owns and oversees the operations of four Care Homes, covering the needs of Nursing, residential and Mental Health in the Ipswich and Colchester vicinity.


Head Office

T: 020 8588 7088
E: enquiries@deverecare.com
Unit D Capital Gate; 320 New North Road, Hainault, IG6 3ES

Chantry House
T: 01728 733 833
E: chantry@deverecare.com

Oakwood House
T: 01473 840 890
E: oakwood@deverecare.com

Lehmann House
T: 01728 733 733
E: lehmann@deverecare.com

Quenby Rest Home
T: 01206 593 594
E: quenby@deverecare.com