Relearn certain skills with reablement care

Fully personalised care

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Regain your independence

Our approach is designed so that a person who has lost or has trouble in their skills which are necessary for daily living (either due to deterioration of health and because they have other support needs, or because they have been recently released from hospital following an operation) the reablement service helps people to relearn these skills.

Exercise programmes to suit you

You may go through exercise programmes so that you are physically able to undertake tasks, which may not have been possible before. They rebuild you confidence to do things for yourself and not need to rely on others. To give you the best possible reablement care, our carers will advise you on all of the potential safety issues around your home in order to reduce the risks of falls. We can also offer any advice and answer any queries you have about reablement.  
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Continual assessments by well-trained carers

Here at De Vere Care in Woodford Green, we conduct biweekly reviews to observe/assess how you are getting along. This service usually lasts 6 weeks in total. Our reablement staff are trained and supervised by our own internal occupational therapist. Therefore if you have any concerns or would like more professional advice, our occupational therapists can come and see you at your home throughout Surrey or Essex, at no extra cost.
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